Embion produces new prebiotics for human and animal nutrition...

What is aPREbiotic ?

Prebiotics are super ingredients that have the power to improve our health through nutrition…

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Prebiotics are

  • Boosting our immune system
  • Facilitating nutrient absorption
  • Improving cognitive functions and more...

by inducing the growth of beneficial bacterial living in (and on) our body…


Embion targets human health through nutrition


Sustainably raised meat eliminating use of antibiotics

Specialty Appications

Supplements and other targeted applications

Human Nutrition

Plant-based functional food for digestive health

Human personal care

Topical applications for maintaining and improving skin health

What Is Embion Doing Differently

With this technology we introduce new, next-generation PREbiotics that provide source of nutrition for the microbiota, which can have a positive positive effect on our health.

We deliver novelty and consumer choice

New PREbiotics

Enabling control of our microbiota through nutrition


Achieve more with less

PREserving Functionality

Unleash the natural functionality from the plant

Embion's commitment to Sustainability

Saving CO2
Saving Water
Saving Food Resources

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Embion is a biotech spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). At Embion we aim to lead in affordable, naturally derived prebiotic ingredients for human and animal nutrition. We are committed in delivering products that meet high quality standards in a sustainable way.