Embion, a Pre-Series B company seeking up to £2 million

Business Description

As antibiotics are withdrawn from livestock production, producers are looking for cost-effective alternatives. Embion’s technology enables the commercialization of prebiotics, the nutrition for the microbiome, at affordable producer prices.

About the Speaker:

Mark Blackwell is responsible for the Strategy and Business Development managing collaborations with Embion’s partners. As a veterinarian Mark started his career in animal health but has experience of a wide range of industries including advanced materials, chemicals and human nutrition as a member of DuPont’s Health and Protection Leadership team. Working in both large and small organisations, Mark has had successful leadership roles in innovation, product management, marketing, sales, supply chain and business transformation. He now runs his own management consulting business focussing on these disciplines as well as supporting life- science start-ups. Mark is a Cambridge University graduate with executive education from Wharton Business School.

Core Technology or Product

Embion has developed a unique, patented form of catalysis, proven at 5 litre reactor scale in the laboratory, and about to develop at pilot facility scale prior with commercialisation planned by 2020.

Using food side-streams, the sustainable process is effectively agnostic on biomass source, targeting available materials rich in desired oligosaccharide types. Further, the embedded catalyst is reusable, with simplified purification steps.

By addressing both animal and human nutrition, Embion may leverage insights across species for the development of increasingly targeted prebiotics creating a positive impact on the microbiome.

Poultry field trials are in progress around the world to demonstrate economic returns with other species being targeted.

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