We are The Life Cycle Company.™ EMBION enthusiastically supports global development of a bioeconomy.


Lignocellulosic biomass is the most economical and highly renewable natural resource in the world. It refers to the non-edible component of food crops which are essentially waste products and currently underutilized in many countries. Over 3.3 billion tons of CO2 are emitted in 2013 alone, from the food supply chain wastes, impacting significantly on the society and on our world’s sustainability goals. In addition, food and agricultural waste generated at post-harvest and processing represent by-product streams that are incompatible with human consumption. Source: 2013 Food Wastage Footprint report of the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization.

Strategies to valorize these food waste and food by-product streams are therefore of great interest, both commercially and for sustainability.


The Embion process helps reduce carbon footprint and upcycles the food waste problem generated during agricultural and food processing activities into value creation for the largest market in the world, food.

The Conversion:  Our platform technology helps reduce CO2 emissions through improvements in overall process efficiency, thus reducing energy costs, compared to traditional industrial processes. We apply a nutrient-targeted extraction process through a hydrolysis technology that is proprietary to us.

By using industrial side streams to extract and formulate high value, nature-based bioactives, we create nutritional advantages for businesses to meet new demand. When introduced in food, beverages and beyond, these Embion-Bioactives deliver high efficacy in small doses. We will initially work with those food and beverage producers burdened by large volumes of side streams, who aim to introduce innovative nutritional products, to upcycle their resources into complex prebiotics. This portfolio of complex prebiotics has been launched on the market as affordable next-generation nutrition for the microbiome.

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Blog by: Georgios Savoglidis