Our Mission

We imagine and pioneer cutting-edge microbiome solutions for the world's most impactful problems

We believe in the transformative potential of the microbiome to overcome challenges related to health and food security.

We catalyze the transition towards systematic upcycling of low value biomass to unlock its intrinsic value for feed, food, cosmetics and medical applications.

Founding team

Georgios Savoglidis

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Sviatlana Siankevich

Founder and CTO

Georgios Fengos

Founder, and COO

Board members

Eric Nicolas

Board Member

Sustainability Goals

Embion was born through our founders’ vision to create a new, clean and robust technology that would create value from underutilized, 2nd generation biomass. We stayed committed to this goal and today we introduce to the world the first product of our efforts, PREMBION┬«. A next-generation, natural alternative against antibiotic resistance.

Our solution contributes to key environmental and social goals of its industry, for a circular economy and sustainable future that
we, our planet and future generations deserve!

1. Reducing emissions
Through improved feed and manufacturing efficiency each ton of feed saved, reduces CO2eq. emissions.

2. Maximizing land efficiency
Through improved animal performance and through the exclusive use of left-over biomass as our raw material, we reduce the amount of land captured for farming, which directly contributes to sustainability of biodiversity.

3. Fighting antibiotic resistance
Replacing antibiotics in animal farming is a number one priority to maintain the action of our medication for human use.

4. Improving animal welfare
A healthy gut means a healthy animal, physically and mentally. Reducing drugs and antibiotics and improving feed quality improves animal welfare.

Where to find us

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En Courta Rama 10, 1163 Etoy, Switzerland

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