April 2022 – Embion Technologies (‘Embion’), a specialist in the development of technology and ingredients for sustainable innovation, is putting its full support behind this year’s Earth Day celebrations as they commit to measuring and sharing the company’s metrics in the years ahead.

Earth Day has an incredibly special meaning to the Embion team. It was on this day in 2016 that cofounders George Savoglidis, Sviatlana Siankevich and Georgios Fengos decided that they would find a way of making use of ‘waste’ by developing platform technologies that could unlock the value hidden within these resources, while reducing global emissions, water, land use and the amount of food grown.

“Earth Day helps to remind us of our initial aims as a company, and that you sometimes need to step back and see the bigger picture and either set course, or course correct if necessary. This year, the Embion team pledges that from 2023 onwards, on the Earth Day anniversary, we will announce the company’s impact performance metrics, and, in this way, we confirm our commitment for a better future for the people and the planet,” Savoglidis said.

Since first launching in 2016, the Embion team has celebrated several successes, not least becoming a member of the Global Prebiotics Association and being chosen as one of the FoodTech500 innovative start-ups with more ground-breaking news to follow in early May!

The development of its headliner ingredient Prembion, a feed material for better feed efficiency in animals, has also attracted the attention of the Asahi Group who were looking for a more impactful way of valorizing their ‘waste’ products. This relationship has grown to the point that they are both a shareholder and a development partner for food and beverage ingredients.

The move bolstered Embion’s company’s profile, and team are continually working with other market leaders to develop ingredients and solutions in diverse markets, always with sustainability as one of the key drivers. The aim is really to enable wider adoption of Embion’s breakthrough technology to ensure that there is a paradigm shift and available resources currently undervalued, are seen for what they are: full of potential for contributing to the next generation of nutrition.

“Having managed to build a world class team driven by the same passion and commitment is one of our biggest successes thus far. We hope to continue attracting extraordinary talent as these ambitious goals can only be achieved if we have a well aligned and equally initiative-taking team. And that holds true and scales beyond our company to the world: We need actionable actions on the world stage to make the impact felt and therefore we believe in the importance of Earth Day. We will continue to stand firmly in the belief that there is no waste, only wasted resources,” Savoglidis concluded.

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