The EPFL spin-off has received a CHF 250’000 grant from Fondation ALCEA, a Swiss public purpose foundation to support its fundraising plans for the series A financing round. Embion is developing novel bioactives to facilitate antibiotic-free farming.

Embion Technologies provides access to next-generation nutritional products through its proprietary platform technology. The solution has been first applied in the development of novel bioactives for human and animal health and nutrition. Based on its platform technology, the startup has developed and launched PREMBION, the first patented product with complex prebiotic properties for animal nutrition that was manufactured from brewers’ spent grains. The team realized successful laboratory tests on 20 feedstocks, which have generated 80 new complex bio-actives that are ready for immediate commercialization.

The startup has today announced the receipt of a CHF 250’000 grant from Lausanne based Fondation ALCEA, a Swiss public purpose foundation which supports individuals and companies to achieve their professional aspirations and contributing in the promotion and development of the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship within Switzerland and abroad. The startup will use these funds to kick-off the Series A round of financing in the upcoming weeks. Proceeds from the series A round will allow the company to scale the product offerings across different markets.

“We are honoured to have received the support of ALCEA foundation. The team and I are inspired by their trust into our capacity to create a new era of biomass upcycled products, starting with nutrition”, says Georgios Savoglidis, Co-Founder and CEO of Embion Technologies.

“We are impressed by the transformative potential of Embion’s innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of the team to make it happen,” explains Aubry Pierre, President of the board of ALCEA.

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