EMBION Technologies, the provider of plant-based bioactives for the nutrition of the future, has launched its first product PREMBION on the market. The patented solution has complex prebiotic properties for animal nutrition that were created with EMBION’s novel platform technology. Market introduction tests are currently underway with leading global corporations in the food, feed and drinks sectors.

Founded as an EPFL spinoff, EMBION Technologies accelerates nutrition innovation toward increased functionality and greater affordability. The startup provides access to a proprietary platform technology aimed at revolutionizing biomass upcycling and reduce waste via biocatalytic processing. While the global bioactive ingredients market is confronted with long development phases and inconsistent results, which entail hidden operational costs, Embion’s technology platform reduces the time from discovery to commercial production by up to 80%.

The technology platform has been first applied in the development of novel bioactives for human and animal health and nutrition, resulting in the patented solution, PREMBION manufactured from brewers’ spent grains. PREMBION is a soluble bioactive compound with a unique composition of natural health benefits. The launch of the solution paves the way to antibiotic-free farming.

“Unique fingerprint products, such as our first patented product PREMBION, are the future of the high potential prebiotic ingredients market for microbiome modulation, providing solutions for the growing demand in antibiotic-free farming against antimicrobial resistance. EMBION’s rapid prototyping platform technology catalyzes innovation that is essential for building this market,” says Georgios Savoglidis, co-founder and CEO of EMBION.

Savoglidis and his team conducted laboratory tests on 20 feedstocks, which have generated 80 new complex bioactives that are ready for immediate commercialization.

“This was a long shot, but the technology is thoroughly built from the ground up to overcome bottlenecks and has the potential to be transformative, starting with nutrition,” summarizes Professor Paul J. Dyson, advisory board member of EMBION Technologies. and Professor of Chemistry at EPFL. Dyson supervised the technology invention from its origin as a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF-NPR66).