We are delighted to welcome the Global Prebiotic Association (GPA)’s Executive Director Len Monheit, and Communications Director, Traci Kantowski, to our offices in Etoy, Switzerland.

The visit comes ahead of Global Prebiotics Week – the international event taking place on 1 to 6 November 2022. With the global market value in prebiotics projected to exceed $8.5bn by 2026, according to research agency Global Market Insights, the GPA and its members aim to build greater awareness by highlighting the science and innovation behind the use of prebiotics for human and animal gut health.

Embion became a member of the GPA in February this year and is seen as a rising star in the development of sustainable and advanced technology platforms aimed at revolutionizing biomass upcycling while reducing waste.

“Prebiotics are set to play a significant role in the future of animal and human health, and we look forward to driving positive change in conjunction with other members at the GPA,” explained Georgios Savoglidis, CEO and founding partner at Embion. “Our flagship animal nutrition ingredient, Prembion™, is manufactured from brewer’s spent grains. The compound features a unique composition of natural bio-active molecules that help maintain gut health, increase feed efficiency, and support the antibiotic-free growth of production animals.”

Monheit concurred, “We are thrilled to visit the Embion team and facilities and to discover firsthand how we can work together in furthering the impact of prebiotics in the management of gut microbiome health in both humans and production animals.”


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