We have patented a novel process and the bioactive ingredients that are produced using our new class of food-grade biocatalysts. The process takes lower value vegetables, cereals, fruits and other food processing side streams and converts them into high value complex prebiotics.

With this process, we have developed our first branded prebiotic product —PREMBION™. It is a nature-based, GMO-free hydrolysate, a source of active nutrients manufactured from brewers’ spent grains typically found in the side streams of the beer industry and for many years underutilized either as cheap fuel or as low-value animal feed. Beyond their nutritional values, the bioactive peptides and amino acids in our product also confer additional biological benefits as validated by a number of positive in vivo and in vitro trials done by our partners.


The Discovery: Multiple scientific studies have shown that positive change in the intestinal microbiota can affect the growth performance of production animals including broilers. The complex prebiotics that we extract under the PREMBIONTM umbrella are solutions to the growing demand for antibiotic-free farming. The use of this unique prebiotic complex can translate into higher performance.


Based on a 3rd party conducted life cycle analysis of our process versus existing sustainable processes, we find that PREMBIONTM saves 8.5 tons of CO2 emissions for every 1 ton of produced prebiotics. This study did not incorporate the 0.7 tons of CO2 that is saved by repurposing each 1 ton of the beer spent grains from waste. Currently, PREMBIONTM valorizes up to 50% of the beer spent biomass into high value complex prebiotics.


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Blog by: Georgios Savoglidis