We’re are proud to announce that our feed material Prembion™ is now featured in the Register of Feed Materials (N°009272-EN). Prembion™ is covered by the description of part B and C of the Feed Material Catalogue in the European Union (EU).

Prembion™, manufactured from brewers’ spent grains is the first product developed using Embion’s water-based catalytic platform technology. More than 10 trials have been carried out with the product, demonstrating interesting benefits that could enable farmers to optimize profitability and feed use in times of high commodity prices.

“The use of modified and upcycled spent grains, such as Prembion™, will usher in a new reality for high potential ingredients that provide technical solutions for farmers”, commented Georgios Savoglidis, CEO and co-founder of Embion. “The product has demonstrated performance in broiler chickens, and we are looking forward to developing other species applications and expanding our geographic reach beyond the EU for this product soon!