We accelerate nutrition discoveries to present new market opportunities

Our platform specializes in the efficient extraction of bioactive ingredients, through the use of underutilized industrial value-streams. In enabling businesses to innovate on our rapid prototyping platform, we provide new opportunities for higher value creation.

We provide deep dive solutions to real issues surrounding industry sectors

Eliminating antibiotics resistance is an example of our work to address animal health. We produce plant-derived bioactives to promote growth in animal farming.

We innovate to introduce next-generation nutrition for the livelihood of billions that co-exist on this planet.

When the world has 10 billion inhabitants, we will need to be more efficient at renewing our resources to advance as species.


“In Embion’s technology, we see a unique opportunity to re-use the raw materials normally wasted in our process for the development of added-value products. We are pleased to engage with Embion in a full-scale research program to finalize and later, launch the value-added products on the market.”

- CEO of a leading brand in healthy food products.

“The re-use of our manufacturing by-products to generate value-aded functional ingredients and innovations is highly interesting. This kind of technology can open up new innovative means to reach sustainable business goals.“

- CEO, leading Swiss Food & Beverage Group

“The value that Embion adds to the innovation process and cost-efficiency of businesses has far-reaching potential to enable an industry-wide transformation, be it in agriculture or in F&B. This technology will help customers compete on a different ground.“

-Managing Partner, Life Science Consulting Group

The Innovation Life Cycle in our Service Framework

Our discovery network conducts ideation match-making to produce an innovation bank for our customers. Concepts are then transformed into commercialized products via access to our tech-licensing.

We offer one touch solution to innovate in nutrition with our creative and robust platforms. We disrupt the nutrition supply market with thought leadership and drive continuous innovation loop for our customers.

Our technology foresights enable us to identify, evaluate and analyze emerging fits for our customers to build an innovation bank for their businesses. We create opportunites that may not be seen by others.

Through our solution platforms, we create governance to accompany our customers throughout their transformation into an innovation super-house in accelerated time.