Cutting-edge technology to access next-generation healthy & nutritional products

Our selective hydrolysis platform technology is key to opening up access to underutilized food resources

We apply our one-of-a-kind, proprietary depolymerization technology to hydrolyze the natural, nutritional macromolecules found in plants, microorganisms and other sources of nutrients, into easily digestible and highly bioavailable oligomers in a targeted and efficient way.

We re-introduce the lost high-value nutrients back into our daily lives.

We all know that good nutrients are usually found in what we don’t like to eat – such as the fruit skin or whole grains or agricultural plant leftovers. These are very rich in an immense variety of fibers and other nutrients that when extracted and pre-digested can be an excellent source of high-value nutritional ingredients, specifically Prebiotics. Unfortunately, today our processed food and modern way of life removed most of these nutrients from our plates.

We build a unique and future-oriented nutritional platform

Differently and more efficiently than anybody else today, we transform plant-based food and agricultural side-streams into nutritional and healthy ingredients. Out of natural raw materials and future-oriented technology we make nutritional and healthy ingredients available to the human digestive system. Using natural plant-based fibers we extract highly effective PREbiotics which stimulate and nurture our microbiota, supporting a healthy digestive system. We are commited in delivering cutting-edge, unique products supported by our world-leading science and technology platform.

We are scaling up production of our technology to meet future demands in plant-derived ingredients

Embion is a biotech spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

At Embion we aim to lead in affordable, naturally derived prebiotic ingredients for human and animal nutrition. We are committed in delivering products that meet high quality standards in a sustainable way.