How we make a difference

Affordable,higher functionality,traceable and safe

Our catalyst technology valorizes lignocellulosic plant biomass. Our catalyst is fully recoverable for subsequent reuse. Our method is simple, cost efficient and fast to implement. Our products have higher functionality.

Platform technology,with transversalpotential speedsdevelopment phase

Our rapid prototyping platform, instrumented by our patented processing and catalyst technology is built to innovate or replicate at high speed with consistent success in unlimited sectors.

Our proprietary catalyst, our core tech

Propels speed, consistency and affordability

A process based on a new class of proprietary, food-grade, organic catalysts

Our selective hydrolysis platform technology is key to opening up access to underutilized food resources. We apply our one-of-a-kind, proprietary depolymerization technology to hydrolyze the natural, nutritional macromolecules found in plants, microorganisms and other sources of nutrients into highly bioavailable oligomers in a targeted and efficient way.

Depolymerization technology (catalysts) protected with granted patents and patent applications. Functional nutritional products and their benefits protected with multiple patent applications.

Our Value Creation

Creating disciplined disruption in nutrition innovation

We are constantly scaling up our nutrition discovery to meet future demands in plant-derived ingredients

Our R&D experts are committed to developing a wide-ranging solution dashboard for our customers.

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