Optimized animal gut performance

40 million tons of barley

Every year 40 million tons of barley in the form of brewers’ spent grains are produced and wasted globaly. We want to give this high quality grain its place back in the food chain and show the world the hidden value in what we consider today as waste!

Antimicrobial Resistance is a food chain problem

Adressing a major problem for us and future generations through cutting-edge science and innovation

5 million million people globally suffer from the extensive use of drugs and antibiotics in animal farming.

Spent Barley contains... a ton of value

Nature has provided us with a solution to our problems.

We just need to know where to look!

PREMBION is manufactured using an innovative and patented hydrolysis process which efficiently breaks down the cell wall structure of spent barley, releasing highly specific bioactive molecules. 
The precision of this process gives PREMBION its unique capability to effectively modulate the microbiota in the digestive tract, providing a number of benefits to the animals.
While PREMBION is 100% made by brewers’ spent grains the result of feeding PREMBION and simple brewers’ spent grains to animals cannot be compared.

PREMBION® is the solution to antibiotic-free farming

By controlling the microbiome we control pathogens!
PREMBION comes with a patented formula that ensures its action in any conditions, irrespectively of feeding strategies and other conditions.
Building a naturally balanced microbiome starts from early life, hence PREMBION is recommended from the first day of life of animals.

We know each case is unique

We'd love to hear from you and tell you more about PREMBION's unique benefits and how it can help you!

The power of an MMC

Microbiome Modulator Compositions or MMCs are a new class of feed prebiotic ingredients with unique benefits and differences between common prebiotics.
PREMBION is a novel, fully natural MMC that employes a systemic effect in epithelial cells, naturally regulating the presence of invasive pathogens against commensal species.
Due to this effect that can be traced in all species, PREMBION excels in maintaining animal performance while supporting a strong immune system, which is always ready to respond to various stressors (environmental, nutritional, pathogens) materializing in intense farming conditions.
Maintaining a balanced microbiome through the early life of a young animal is critical for its future development.


Carefully selected and recovered spent barley after it has been used for beer production.

Each country is a unique case. PREMBION is a hydrolyzed brewer’s grain and as such is compliant with feed material regulations in Switzerland and Europe. Get in contact with our team to learn more about your territory.

Yes! PREMBION is a naturally thermostable product in conditions above 100 degrees Celcius (212 F) which allows it to withstand the conditions during feed preparation and peletization process.

No. PREMBION is derived by European grown barley that is non-GMO. In addition, no microorganisms or enzymes are used during our proprietary manufacturing process of PREMBION.

Although we do not apply any processes of purification in our process, PREMBION’s composition is very specific. Our suppliers and process of manufacturing follows very thorough standards of quality to ensure that every kilogram of our product delivered to our customers is guaranteed to provide the best performance.

We supply our raw material from qualified suppliers around Europe that adhere to the strict standards of the feed industry.

Although PREMBION is made 100% from spent brewers’ grains, the method of hydrolysis applied, ensures that the bioavailability of specific nutrients found in barley’s cell wall is maximized. Therefore, there is no comparison between supplementing your feed formulations with PREMBION and brewers’ spent grains. In fact, there are multiple scientific studies that show that brewers’ spent grains have an negative effect on monogastric animal performance.

PREMBION’s activity is a result of a unique composition of barley cell wall-derived hydrolyzed protein and carbohydrates. Reach out to our team to learn more about PREMBION’s unique composition.

PREMBION has been tested in multiple in vivo and in vitro trials. There is an extensive amount of data demonstrating PREMBION’s performance in various stress-inducing conditions.

So far our data focus on broilers. We have limited data in ruminants. We are interested in partnering with first movers and innovators to bring PREMBION to more markets and species globally. Reach out to arrange a discussion with our team.

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